TLC Podcast: Always be you, be authentic

I think it is very important to always be you. I get that for some people they might not like that, or maybe they do not appreciate the way you dress or talk.

But by always being you, they know what they are getting, first and foremost that is honesty and it sets a level of expectation going forward.

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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays all. A short podcast this week on The Life Creative since it’s holiday season for me.

Wishing you and yours a safe and happy holiday season for those that celebrate.

New CompileSwift Podcast Episode: 5 Tips for moving from Xcode 10 to 11

Moving from Xcode 10 to 11 can present a few interesting things that you have to adapt to and a few problems to overcome. In this special edition episode there is both an audio and video version.



Show Notes:

1. Where did code signing go?
2. File History Inspector
3. Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles
4. Swift Package Manager
5. Watch out for dark mode!

Git Tower application:

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TLC Episode: Creative Journaling Ideas and Suggestions

Journaling is hugely popular, and I believe a great way to learn and improve your creative process.

In this episode of The Life Creative podcast I offer ways to either start or improve your journaling to aid personal growth and inspiration.

Seth Godin Nailed The Software Problem

OK I don’t normally embed other peoples media, but this episode of Akimbo by Seth Godin struck a chord with me so hard since I’m a software engineer and UI/UX person that I had to make sure as many developers as possible listen and think about what he is saying.

The comparison to buying a Car and the network effect really has made me think different. No pun intended.

New TLC Episode: Capture ideas when you have them

It is very important to capture those ideas in any form you can when you have them, even when they might be rough quick thoughts. They do not have to be perfect, but capturing them is a must.

From a few simple words, or a sketch, to a couple of lines of text. Capturing even the beginning of an idea has to be a priority for you.

iOS Software I use to capture notes

Moleskine Flow for iOS
Penbook for iOS

The benefits of creating solo - The Life Creative Podcast

Not everyone likes working in a team, if you are one of those creatives that likes to run solo then this episode is for you.

I offer a few ways to make it work and how to explain it to others who maybe just don’t understand why you prefer working alone.

New CompileSwift Podcast Episode: Three reasons to use source control

Source control is something everyone should be practicing. Maybe you know the term but not the reasons why it is important. I am going to give you three reasons why you should be using it along with some tool suggestions to get you started.

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Another wonderfully productive weekend. 2 Podcast episodes, live stream recordings of development and game play. What a great weekend. Love getting new content out to you all. Visit for everything.

The Life Creative Podcast: A new project to truly leave my comfort zone

Through a series of synchronistic events I have a new project I am working on.

For the first time, I am making paid content.

In this episode I share my thoughts on the project, what it is, how I plan to do it, and how I think it will work.
For anyone that has ever made something to share and ask for payment, I am sure you will have experienced a lot of these thoughts and concerns.

If you are interested in getting all the details, I posted a video explaining everything to the Patreon post found here.

Here is the link to the Code Notes source code mentioned in the episode.

New CompileSwift Podcast episode: Should Apple still release yearly OS updates?

I think it’s time to have the discussion don’t you? This year the rollout was rough and I think Apple needs to get back to their great idea from the past ‘Release when it’s ready’ not when the calendar or stock price says it’s time to release.

TLC Podcast: Free time...Now What?

Free time is a wonderful thing, as a creative person I love having time to work on my projects, but what if you feel overwhelmed with what to do with it? In this episode I offer up a few suggestions on how you might want to approach it.

New Geezers who Game and Code Podcast:…

We’re talking Nintendo SNES on Switch, Borderlands 3 and the new Destiny 2 Content

Podcast Episode: Always Believe in Every Project + Maintain a Skill Wish List

Another new episode of The Life Creative Podcast

Play the episode here:

Show Notes

Part 1
Every time I start a project, I believe it's the one that is going to work out and make the difference. I have to, and you should as well, why? Because if you do not believe in it at the beginning, why bother even doing it.

Part 2 
Do you maintain a list of skills you want to work on? I do, I have a list of skills I want to improve and a list of skills that I want to learn. This keeps me motivated and excited to try new things.

Yep it’s Sunday, and that means time to break out the Podcast gear and get some recording going. So glad I took the time to automate some of the process so I can just get down to making the content.

Apple September Event Recap: CompileSwift Podcast

Freshly published today after the Apple Event. A new episode of the CompileSwift podcast covers all the hardware details.

It's OK to start with a template! New Podcast Episode

There is no shame in using a template or preset to get a project started.

Often I hear that there is some kind of stigma attached to using a pre-built solution. But often that is the fastest way to get to what really matters...making content.

To start a new project you need to remove any excuse to procrastinate, and often it seems that generating a tool or system to make the thing you want to make gets in the way.

So let's start by avoiding that.

Geezers Who Game and Code Episode 7

Another episode where I get together with my good friend and fellow gamer Newms.

Destiny Moves to Steam, YouTube Streaming Experiments, How do we pick games based on reviews?

First, I talk about some YouTube streaming analysis and observations of viewership compared to Twitch, then about migrating from Blizzard to Steam with his Destiny 2 account (and the cross-platform saves).

Then Newms talks about game reviews and ratings and how that influences his choice to play or not, then finally I weigh in on my over analysis? of choosing games.

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New CompileSwift Podcast, Season 1 Episode 7

It’s that time again, September is here and another Apple event. Plus just what is up with those iOS/iPadOS 13.1 betas? Finally, how did my experiences with macOS Catalina beta 7 go?

All will be revealed if you turn your ears and fire up the episode!