Episode 6 - Unity Courses, New Videos, AR What now? And a look ahead

Show Notes

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The Unity Device Simulator makes mobile layout easier.

Show notes

Unity is a great platform for developing mobile games and applications, but configuring the game window to show how it will look on a device can be a pain. Until I discovered the Device Simulator package!

Listen on for the details.

Video version available on YouTube: https://youtu.be/Cwp2C5A8L8M

You can reach out on Twitter: @UIBuzz

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Time to shift my photography to a new host

I’m thinking of moving my photography site grfxmedia.com away from SmugMug, their service is not bad and I like it even if editing your site is still terribly 90’s style. That means it’s time to sit and crunch through a bunch of different experiments to see what works best, but I’m sure it’s cheaper that $350 a year and not getting image sales. Right now I’m tempted to move it to micro.blog and experiment with using a podcast to be able to talk about and show images as the episode art.

More to come.

More keyboards means faster typing right? Now to increase finger count by 5

For those moments things don’t go as planned, remember you actually can stick a pin in it

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Sometimes the answer really is stick a pin in it. #thoughts #macrophotography

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Photo - Red Light

Red Light

That Friday night drive home always seems to find the Red.

Fall Colors, Time to photograph again

One of the great things about the weather changing here in Texas is it gets me in the mood to grab the camera again.

Here is one that is still my personal favorite

Fall Colors