I just figured out what my next app needs to be. I’ll give you a few clues. I use FujiFilm cameras that you can create presets for film simulations etc. But having only 7 available at any time on the camera means I need to store them somewhere…

It's a Ulysses weekend

This weekend going forward I’m planning to use the Ulysses new beta as my writing tool to put it through its paces. The one thing that always has me reaching for something else is the lack of Grammarly integration.

Not a huge deal but I end up copying and pasting over into the Grammarly app and back again. I know there is a grammar tool in Ulysses but my workflow and history is in Grammarly and I’m used to working with it.

Everything thing else about Ulysses for me at least, beats the competition still. It’s a straight forward writing and note taking tool with a simple toolset and interface that lets me just get on with it.

I’ve seen people say it is getting long in the tooth and not as good as other apps, that might be right or wrong. But one thing is for sure, when something is working just right, small steps are better than huge alienating leaps.

Cool, getting to test the Micro.blog and Ulysses integration. So glad they are working on this.

Seriously, look how much time TubeBuddy has saved me

Cyberpunk rocks even though it's Punk

I am thoroughly loving playing Cyberpunk. Not because of the hype or how everyone is playing it right now. It is because it’s the kind of game I always wanted someone to make. I feel that I’m really making the character mine by the choices I make.

I am streaming my play through on Twitch: twitch.tv/grfxg

I wish I had more time to work with Unity, anytime I open it and start working on an idea for a game it always makes me smile. It is also inspiring to see so many great things being made in the Unity communities.

Hello coffee my old friend. It’s good to drink with you again.

Now to get my coding and video head on to crank out some quality content.

Ad-Astra Coffee

One word to describe the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series …. dang

Spent some time with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 tonight, it is amazing! Is probably the best way I can describe it. Oh to have the hardware to run this thing in VR, now that would be incredible.

Hands up all those who feel like they’ve seen everything on YouTube at this point? I spend more time saying “seen it” than anything else on my media streaming services thanks to 2020.

Breaking Benjamin Iris Cover

I have always been a fan of this song by The Goo Goo Dolls. The cover version by a band I always enjoy Breaking Benjamin is just as good.

Finally that horrible battery icon is gone in Mac Big Sur beta 3. The World is finally starting to self correct!

Editing a new video today from Friday stream - Installing Ubuntu 20.04 on Parallels for Mac 15. Posting this weekend, subscribe on YouTube now to know when it drops https://youtube.com/grfxg

Twitch.tv is great for reaching folks

So the last couple of days I have made a real effort to reach out to folks on stream that I either discovered by other media like like podcasts, or happen to come across on Twitch that were streaming content of interest to me.

So why am I telling you this? Simply because it has been fantastic to reach out and say thank you in chat to those folks for what they do, and I urge you to do the same.

So a shout out to https://www.twitch.tv/kemkraft who also has a great podcast with streaming advice here https://overcast.fm/itunes1512016634/diary-of-a-twitch-streamer.

And also to https://www.twitch.tv/piratesully who I tried (not sure I really helped much) to debug a problem in a Unity game they are working on.

Twitch is a joy for interaction with folks, something that YouTube still does not really get or make possible in real-time.

Thank you both for making the evenings interesting and the World a little larger.

Writing tool discovery, trying iA Writer

In my never ending search for perfect tools (I know, it will never end). I have been playing around with iA Writer on the Mac as it has a trial.

As an avid fan of Ulysses I feel like I am almost cheating on it, but the one thing Ulysses does not do that I want is publish to Micro.blog

So that has me trying other tools. I do like iA Writer and have always heard lots of people saying good things about it, with good reason.

So, since it will publish a draft post to Micro.blog, I will be living with it for the next 7 days to try it out. The trial actually runs longer, but I think 7 days is enough for me to decide.

Lately I have noticed a change starting to creep into my thinking when it comes to making apps for personal use that might end up as projects for others to use. Now I ask myself, should I make this native or a Web app and just use it there? Funny how things go around and around.

If you are a gamer and like FPS (first person shooters), you may of tried or do not even know about Warframe, it’s free to play but can be a nightmare to understand at first.

This playlist by @BBKDragoon https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRbxjtNC1lOh1x2Q6JpDiN4mvezhAfntS answers everything, I cannot recommend it enough.

🎮 🕹

OK this is the must watch YouTube playlist for anyone that wants to get the most out of Ferrite for the iPhone and iPad. I learned so many things in just minutes that I never even noticed were in the app.


The fun of moving a domain with G Suite Email

Oh how I hate having to repoint a domain name.

Today I finally repointed PeterWitham.com to it’s new site and host on Netlify. Which was all fine, except it mean’t that I had to battle MediaTemples DNS zone files and name servers.

Which in turn was also complicated by using G Suite for email through MediaTemple.

The Web site went fine, then I noticed email had stopped working, so I had to go back and fix that. The good news, no lost email but gosh it’s so annoying to move things around.

Hopefully it’s all settled now, but it means having to wait for DNS to update around the World and that means patiently waiting to ensure it all worked out right.

It is going to be very interesting to see how all the remaining conferences handle the COVID-19 situation. So far it seems everyone has cancelled, we are still waiting to hear what Apple plan’s but I have to believe it will not be ‘business as usual’ at this point.

Another life saver for USB-C users

71jtrs Na+L SL1500

As a MacBook Pro user it happens to me all the time.

Machine = USB-C, Almost everything else = USB

Great…. Well, I now have these adapters at home, the office and my bag so I never have that problem again. They are small and are tight enough that they do not feel like they are just hanging from the machine.

Do yourself a favor for $9.99 and throw some in your bag or desk and thank me later.

Amazon link

Finally got off my butt and added a dark mode to the site!

I was skeptical, but I’m a convert to this daily news wrap.

I generally avoid any kind of newsy type news letters, and I have certainly given up on regular news media sites with their own agenda’s, especially during political season.

But I have been trying Morning Brew for a week now and I actually do find the wide scope of topics that take just a couple of minutes to scan through and find the things that interest me.

10 Years on Github

Wow, I only just noticed that this is my 10th year on GitHub. It feels like a milestone of putting it out there.


There’s a little of everything from CSS and HTML, to ActionScript and Flash components, to Swift and Bash scripts. I do enjoy trying and sharing new things with the World.

This afternoons awesome coding classic song is

Battle Without Honor or Humanity