Episode 7 - My design workflow

Show Notes

In this episode I share my process and some thoughts on how I go about designing applications. The differences between designing ahead of or during development and how that affects the process.

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Spent the evening working on a new icon set idea, starting with the ever popular folders. View here on Dribbble

One word to describe the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series …. dang

It's about Fractals and roots

So short version of a long history, I got into computer graphics after seeing a demonstration of Bryce 1.0 on a Mac way back by Kai Krause, whom some of you may know if you ever did anything cool with Photoshop and filters and math.

Well anyway, sadly that program died a long time ago.

But today I went down a rabbit hole and found this fractal render


After some playing around it’s got the bug back in my brain to play around with these things again and embrace my graphic roots.

Here’s a little sample of randomly clicking on things in the program and not knowing what most of them do :)