Episode 8 - First Moments with NextJS on the JAMStack

Show Notes

Any time I look to start or rebuild a personal project I see it as a reason to try and learn something new. I am rebuilding my photography site from the ground up. So that gave me a good reason to look at NextJS as my static site builder and find out what all the buzz is about.

In this episode I share my thoughts on working from knowing almost nothing to having a working site using NextJS to build it.

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Two Hacktoberfest pull requests accepted, two more to go. But that’s just the minimum, I have higher goals than that.

Note to repository owners, if you see a pull request from someone. Please respond to it and not just leave it hanging.


Friday night coding stream was all about game development in Unity. A few tweaks to a game that I built to embrace my love of idle games.

Why not drop by the chat room on Friday nights and say hi! Check the schedule for details.


Well my first full day with Beta 2 of Big Sur was a resounding success for the most part. The glitches I had were mostly 3rd party apps and to be expected at this point. Tomorrow I try making podcasts with it :)

OK today is the first day that I’m going to use Big Sur beta 2 all day and see if I hit a problem with my most common applications. So far …

Safari is OK LOL

Install Linux Mint on Parallels for Mac in under 15 minutes.

Parallels for Mac is my choice of software for creating VM’s (Virtual Machines). In this step by step video I show you how to setup, configure, and install Linux Mint 20 on a Parallels virtual machine.

I like to configure some of the settings manually like how many CPU’s it will use and how much memory will be available, I’ll explain each one and my reasons for changing them as I go.

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UIBuzz Podcast Episode 4 - Developer Journal 6/29/2020

Show notes

I thought it would be interesting to have an audiolog as a developer journal. This week was a very busy one with WWDC20 and creating some Ubuntu VM’s.

Listen on for the details.

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This is turning into one of those long weeks. Very busy with many things including keeping up with the Apple Developer conference. On top of that I have apps going live in stores and trying to turn my massive amount of notes into posts for the coming weeks. All that AND I’m trying to get some videos together.

Plus! I’m still trying to get BigSur macOS beta running in Parallels, and refuse to give up. When I figure it out I’ll be sure to share all the details to help others out.

It’s better than having nothing to do, but sometimes you feel swamped in all those projects you created for yourself!

One cool feature for UI layout in Xcode 12 - Canvas MiniMap

This is so cool, there is now a minimap for SwiftUI canvas views, so you can zoom in and pixel peep layouts and easily move around using the minimal.

Video here

New Unity 2019 LTS is here

Well this was a nice surprise today, the new LTS for Unity has been released. Hello 2019.4.0f1

This might be exciting for many, yes, it has been around as a non-LTS release but using those has bitten me in the past with older coded projects.

For all the amazing work that has gone into this release, for me the most exciting thing has to be the updated UI. It finally feels like a modern application and works better for those of us who’s older eyes suffer with very small text.

Get excited and interested by watching the release video. Then rush to download it via the Unity hub application or the Unity site.

UIBuzz Podcast Episode 3 - React-Native

Show notes

  • So what is React Native?
  • Why use it over other tools?
  • Cross-platform development made easy
  • See changes in real-time
  • Deploy to Android and iOS
  • An easier path for Web developers to get into mobile
  • Component based approach makes sharing the code base across projects easier
  • You can still use Android and iOS libraries
  • You can run and work in Android Studio or Xcode if desired or needed
  • I recommend Visual Studio Code for code editing
  • Is it for you?

I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on what you think of React-Native.

You can reach out on Twitter: @UIBuzz

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Thinking about a new video series

I’m working through an idea right now to start a new video series. I have noticed that there is a noticeable interest in my blog post and videos on React based sites like GatbsyJS and apps using React-Native.

I’m currently sketching the outline for it to make a sensible structured approach going from zero to something complete.

If you think this is of interest to you then let me know, reach out to me directly via my contact form on PeterWitham.com.

Or on Twitter @uibuzz

UIBuzz Podcast Episode 2 - What is Unity?

Show notes

  • So what is Unity?
  • Why use it over other tools?
  • Cross-platform development made easy
  • Rapid development thanks to the built in play engine
  • Free to use until you become rich
  • You will need to know or learn C#
  • I recommend Visual Studio Code for code editing
  • You still need to create assets in other tools and import them
  • Watch out for new releases, they can cause problems, go with LTS
  • Is it for you?

I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on what you think of Unity.

You can reach out on Twitter: @UIBuzz

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Lately I have noticed a change starting to creep into my thinking when it comes to making apps for personal use that might end up as projects for others to use. Now I ask myself, should I make this native or a Web app and just use it there? Funny how things go around and around.

SwiftUI and State Programming

Just finished streaming another coding session.

SwiftUI and State is the problem of choice to solve this time, it actually turned out to be less code than I thought, even though I did screw it up a bit at first. But hey, I’m learning SwiftUI just like everyone else.

It says mature audiences, but I promise I was not driven to swear in this video when my code did not work :)

Watch SwifUI State Programming from grfxg on www.twitch.tv

Live Stream Highlights - macOS Programming Fixing a Bug

Here’s the highlights of last nights live stream where I work on an attributed string display bug in my macOS application. Yep, even us professionals get it wrong some times and have to resort to trial and error, or to quote myself in the video

“What do you know, it worked!”

How to use Xcode 11 and GitHub together.

Setting up Xcode 11 to work with GitHub and repositories is much easier than previous versions. In this video I’ll walk you through setting it all up and getting started.

Interesting news from the most well known coding repository. GitHub has acquired NPM which I’m not sure yet but feel this might be a good thing.

npm is joining GitHub https://github.blog/2020-03-16-npm-is-joining-github/

10 Years on Github

Wow, I only just noticed that this is my 10th year on GitHub. It feels like a milestone of putting it out there.


There’s a little of everything from CSS and HTML, to ActionScript and Flash components, to Swift and Bash scripts. I do enjoy trying and sharing new things with the World.

Trying a new mono font for code work

Switching Visual Studio Code and Xcode over to the JetBrains Mono font today to see how well it works for me.

I prefer mono-spaced fonts for code editing, maybe it’s OCD or it just reads better to my old eyes.

Unity GameObject following a path

I have been trying to make a game object follow a path in my Unity game I am working on and this video answered all my questions and made life so much easier, not to mention that the package is available for anyone to use.

Thank you Sebastian Lague and full credit to you.

The package on GitHub can be found here

The package on the Unity store can be found here

A great podcast episode for anyone interested in getting into game making. overcast.fm

Live Stream of #darkmode support on PeterWitham.net today

Today I think I need to take on the task I have procrastinated about a little.

So if you want to see some #SASS #CSS and deploying to @netlify then checkout my stream schedule twitch.tv/grfxg

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Google Game Services Are Cool

It has been a very long and interesting day. I have worked through the night and well in to today working on the Leaderboard system for my CashOnTap Mobile game. https://cashontapgame.com for those that are interested.

Right now I only have the Android build in the release cycle, but the iOS version is well into the testing stage.

You can expect a write up once I have it all figured out and working, this knowledge of how to make it work will be interesting to many game developers I am sure.

DeveloperTip: Need to know what npm packages you have installed globally?

$npm list -g --depth 0

#nodejs #npm #devtips