About Me

I am a professional software developer and manager.

I currently manage mobile software development teams for iOS and Android. My passion is building software that users want to use and provide solutions to the their problems.

Before that I developed on many different Web platforms including development and design. This is something I still enjoy working on today with tools like static site generators.

Before being a developer I was a photographer. A passion I still very much enjoy up to today, although I no longer do it professionally due to my work load.

One of my biggest goals is always to give back to the communities that have helped me grow the skills I have today, so you will always find me blogging, making videos, making podcasts, taking part in conversations and any other way I can give back.

If you are looking to find me on the Web, there are a few places you can go.

The Big Home


Is my home, hey it’s my name after all!

The Photography


Is where my Photography lives.

Swift and Apple Platform Development


This is where I share as much as I can about Apple’s Swift programming lanugage.

Peter Witham @pwitham