Hacks and Streams

Well it’s been annoying this week when it comes to Web sites. My WordPress hosting service on MediaTemple was hacked. So I spent a lot of time recovering and resetting all the passwords and stuff there. Not that it helps when it’s the service and not your site at fault.

But we do what we can right?

It also spurred me on to start building out the new static site version, which I have decided to live stream as I do it. Check out https://twitch.tv/uibuzz to watch and maybe code along with that.

There is lots more work to do on it, but I do like my initial clean design choices and hopefully using Contentful as the backend for the blog posts is going to make managing that easier than a mountain of Markdown files. Although I’m still on the fence and yet to be convinced on that decision.

Peter Witham @pwitham