Preparing for iPadOS, Some Tips.

At you ready for iPadOS tomorrow? (Tuesday Sept. 24th). A few things to consider before installing that upgrade.

  • If you use a Mac and iCloud sync, then be aware that the iPad will be out of sync with the Mac until macOS Catalina is installed (October release)
  • There is every chance you have some apps installed that have not been upgraded to support dark mode yet, that is the apps responsibility and not an error with the OS.
  • Be sure to make a full backup of the device before upgrading, I backup to my Mac in iTunes and use the option to set a password, that way it also backs up all the settings and passwords/accounts for 3rd party apps. Trust me, it saves a ton of time if you have to restore.
  • After upgrading, spend some time reviewing the device settings to make sure everything is as you expect. There may be new or changed options that you will want to check out and set.

So just a few things that I do every time before performing an upgrade, because you never know when things might not go as planned.

Peter Witham @pwitham